Mickelson a Fraction of an Inch From 59

Mickelson a Fraction of an Inch From 59

If Phil Mickelson believes the big-number check he cuts to Uncle Sam each year is unfair, what is there to make of the harsh horseshoe he had to endure Thursday afternoon in Arizona?

The ball was absolutely in the hole, and how it stayed out will be discussed whenever the subject of shooting 59 is broached.

Lefty was about to become just the sixth player in PGA Tour history to go so low, only to see his putt on the ninth green (his 18th) at the TPC Scottsdale lip out.

If a player could be disappointed about shooting 60, that would be Mickelson.

"I'm kind of mortified that didn't go in," Mickelson told the Golf Channel afterward. "You just don't get those chances very often."

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