Parcells Ought to Be in Hall of Fame

Parcells Ought to Be in Hall of Fame

There are 15 modern-era candidates on the short list for the Pro Football Hall of Fame from which the electors will choose the Class of 2013 on Saturday. Based on past history, these are passionate voters. It’s not going to be Patrick Henry before the Virginia House of Burgesses arguing the case for revolution inside that room, but the lobbying will be fierce. And it is fair to say that the heat in this race for America’s 100-yard Pantheon will get hot enough at times to turn a polar ice cap to slush.

Bill Parcells is on that list of candidates. In football matters in New Jersey, as in almost everything else, we have always been drawn toward blue-collar, lunch-bucket, favorite-son heroes whom we perceive as mirror images of our own hard rock values.

Draft a jury from within the shadows of the Jersey Turnpike, and Parcells would win in a landslide.

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