Wagers That Ignore the Final Score

With 3:30 remaining in the third quarter of Super Bowl XX, the Chicago Bears led the New England Patriots 37-3. The Bears’ offense lined up on New England’s 1-yard line prepared to put the final sprinkles on their Super Bowl championship sundae. At the snap, William “Refrigerator” Perry, the Bears’ rookie defensive lineman, jumped from his stance in the Bears’ backfield, took a hand-off from quarterback Jim McMahon and lumbered across the unnaturally green turf of the New Orleans Superdome. He split the defenders and, like an appliance tumbling from the back of a truck, fell into the bright red end zone, the final touchdown of the season for the fabled ’85 Bears on their way to a 46-10 victory.

After the game, amidst the locker room...

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