Harbaugh Brothers Offer Lesson in Genetics

Harbaugh Brothers Offer Lesson in Genetics

NEW ORLEANS -- America's leading genetic experts agree: Jim and John Harbaugh have something in common.


"As brothers, half of their genes are identical by descent, plus an additional increment which will be essentially the same," according to Dr. David Valle, Professor of Genetics at Johns Hopkins University.


"Each parent provides half the DNA, but it's not the same half. It gets split differently," adds Dr. Barry Starr, Director of Outreach Activities at the Stanford University Department of Genetics.


Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers, or to use the more scientific and politically correct term, siblings. The Harbaughs held a press conference on Friday to educate the public on their unique biological condition.


Dozens of photographers and hundreds of journalists, plus a national television audience, watched as John Harbaugh took the stage in a dark business suit and a Ravens-colored striped tie, while his younger brother Jim sat beside him in a 49ers sweatshirt and cap, with khaki pants. The Harbaughs look somewhat alike, sound similar and have chosen the same career path, but their differences are also obvious.

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