More to Oher Than 'The Blind Side'

More to Oher Than 'The Blind Side'

NEW ORLEANS -- The most recognizable player at Super Bowl XLVII did not have his own podium at media day.


Teammates Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Ed Reed and Dennis Pitta have been among the featured Baltimore Ravens this week.


Meanwhile, Michael Oher has stood in the background, an uncomfortable star.


Oher's life was the subject of a book turned into an award-winning movie, The Blind Side. The 2009 drama film, featuring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, grossed $308 million.


"I'm not in the movies, man. I play football," Oher said on more than one occasion this week.


Yet, Oher has casual football fans, some of whom refer to him as "The Blind Side guy," rooting for the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. They know Oher as Quinton Aaron, the actor who played his part in the semi-biographical drama.


Oher isn't as big of a fan of The Blind Side as critics, movie goers and Oscar voters who awarded Bullock for her lead role. Oher told his side of his rag-to-riches tale in his own book, I Beat the Odds after seeing the movie.


"I didn't like the football part of it, because I've always known how to play football since I was a kid," Oher said. "And the personality was way off. I also look a little bit better. That was a problem, too."


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