A-Rod Running Out of Credibility

A-Rod Running Out of Credibility

Alex Rodriguez can engage in all the magical thinking he wants, but he isn't winning the spin war or passing the smell test right now.

The latest allegations to surface against Rodriguez on Friday -- a report by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that Anthony Bosch, the head of the South Florida anti-aging clinic that Major League Baseball has been investigating for months, personally injected Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs -- considerably upped the ante on Tuesday's initial reports that Rodriguez's name and doping regimen had turned up in Bosch's handwritten records of his baseball clients.

Rodriguez can continue arming himself with high-end legal muscle and crisis management experts and issuing all the denials he likes. They feverishly can work to put out sunny reports, basically ignoring how the Yankees were fuming at the latest news that A-Rod might have relapsed into using PEDs and are finally ready to cut ties or negotiate a settlement with him. The Yankees' chances of voiding the remaining $114 million on Rodriguez's guaranteed contract are probably not improved, even if Friday's news is proven true. But you can't blame them for still dreaming.

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