A Troubled Hall of Fame Process

A Troubled Hall of Fame Process

Okay, let’s be clear here. Nobody got snubbed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting. It’s an exclusive award, not a hall pass, and anyone who whines that their guy got hosed need only look at the seven enshrinees to understand that the issue was, is, and will always be about the process.

Eddie DeBartolo got some support in the room, very little pushback, but was among the first cuts from 17 candidates to 12, according to one selector who asked – well, insisted – on anonymity. Tim Brown got little debate pro or con. And Charles Haley got a fair level of support but was canceled out by the number of defensive linemen on the ballot, of which only Warren Sapp cleared the wall.

The real problem, though, remains as it has been – the funnel for players is too small, the funnel for owners/contributors is smaller still, and the room is too small for the level of debate.

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