Backes Won't Pay For Blown Call on Hit

Backes Won't Pay For Blown Call on Hit

 Congratulations, David Backes: The staggeringly, almost hilariously incorrect call that might have cost your team at least one point won't cost you any money.

Backes, the St. Louis Blues' captain, won't face a disciplinary hearing for a hit he laid on Detroit Red Wings defenseman Kent Huskins on Friday night. Backes leveled Huskins at 9:38 of third period with a clean (albeit late) shoulder to the sternum. The officiating crew, rather than call a two-minute minor, ruled that Backes made illegal contact with Huskins' head (he didn't) and ejected him from the game.

Detroit, naturally, scored on the ensuing five-minute power play to take a 4-3 lead and wound up winning 5-3.

No hearing means no suspension, which is as close to good news as the Blues could get.

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