Gen-6 Brings Buzz of Unknown to NASCAR

Gen-6 Brings Buzz of Unknown to NASCAR

Obviously, we’ve now had two tests at Charlotte Motor Speedway and three days of testing at Daytona International Speedway, but I maintain it’s too early to predict exactly what we are going to see with this new NASCAR Sprint Cup Generation 6 car until it’s under real race conditions.

 We all know these drivers and teams could test until the end of the year, but until they put them out there in race configuration and let them go at it, we won't know what we've really got.

So until they are actually racing, we really don’t know what we totally have. One thing we definitely know we have that is a huge improvement is the looks of this race car. I’ve been in NASCAR for something like 34 years and it’s been a real long time since I have seen the energy and excitement across the board from everybody about this race car.

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