Who Will Win Endorsement Game?

Who Will Win Endorsement Game?

As Super Bowls go, this year’s Ravens-49ers matchup is pretty short on player marketing muscle. There’s no Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or RG III. There’s also no super-flashy runner. The subjects of the game’s top story line, the Harbaugh coaching brothers, aren’t exactly media-friendly.

Among the higher profile players, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still a relative unknown, and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is polarizing, encumbered by more than his share of negatives. Still, the Super Bowl spotlight can be a launching pad unto itself – today’s ho-hum player can become tomorrow’s big pitch man if he lights it up on the big stage.

As he does every year, sports marketing guru Bob Dorfman, Executive Creative Director at Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco, has his eye on the personnel (yes, he’s objective, despite his home base).Projecting who might fit where post-Super Bowl is as much an art as a science. Here’s a sampling of Dorfman’s take on the game’s pitchman angle.

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