Baseball's PED Era Far From Over

David Shirey/US Presswire

"That guy is clean."

"He never tested positive, so he's innocent."

"PEDs don't help - you still gotta hit the ball."

"The so-called steroid era is ... clearly a thing of the past."

The last thought was courtesy of Commissioner Bud Selig in January 2011 after Mark McGwire announced he was returning from hibernation and joining the Cardinals as a batting coach.

They're all myths. We should all know by now that the steroid era remains in full swing and, sadly, passing drug tests doesn't automatically mean a player is a non-user.

If baseball's latest scandal - seven players linked to performance-enhancing drugs at a Florida anti-aging clinic - taught us anything, it's that we need to stop dismissing the truth, and the truth...

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