Chrysler, Taco Bell Winners in Ad Bowl

Chrysler, Taco Bell Winners in Ad Bowl

Oprah Winfrey and a wrinkly senior named Bernie Goldblatt helped Chrysler and Taco Bell win the advertising battle at Super Bowl XLVII Sunday night amid a power outage at the New Orleans Superdome that interrupted the game.


Taco Bell has a Super Bowl ad this year that uses a Spanish soundtrack. The ad features a group of elderly folks enjoying a night on the town.


Chrysler Group LLC., which enlisted Ms. Winfrey to do the voiceover in a touching Jeep spot that paid tribute to the troops, was one of the big game's most liked commercials, according to advertising executives and consumers surveyed by The Wall Street Journal.


"I got goose bumps; I was on the verge of crying," said Tom Geary, a 60-year-old mechanical contractor from Aston, Pa. The car maker's Ram spot about farmers that featured the voice of Paul Harvey was also applauded. "Bloody Brilliant," said Cindy Gallop, a former ad executive.


Chrysler's spots had a lot to live up to as the car maker's last two big game spots, featuring rapper Eminem in 2011 and actor Clint Eastwood in 2012, generated enormous buzz.

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