Darkness Aside, a Bright Super Bowl

Darkness Aside, a Bright Super Bowl

It began with the light of the chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary school, saved children singing "America the Beautiful" in tiny voices that moved the soul.


It was then pitched into 34 minutes of a murky darkness, the power out, the air conditioners off, the humid Superdome beginning a slow cook that frazzled the nerves.


It ended, finally, in light again, the Super Bowl coming full circle on a dizzying Sunday night with a dramatically blinding finish of wrestling players, screaming coaches and winners doing snow angels in the purple and white confetti.


The Baltimore Ravens' 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers might not have been the best of the 47 Super Bowls, but it could certainly qualify as the most bonkers. "Oh my," shouted the Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs afterward, his championship cap tugged sideways, his jaw still on the floor. "That was fantastic!"

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