Giving Deer Antler Spray a Try

Giving Deer Antler Spray a Try

I've used deer antler spray for two days now, and I've rarely felt better, though I do find myself with an overwhelming urge to grind my itchy noggin against big birch trees, and last night, as someone pulled into the driveway, I just suddenly froze in the high beams.

Does deer antler spray really work? Obviously.

Or it could be the latest take on snake oil. To find out, I'm testing the legal product personally. So far, there are no signs of aggression, a reported side effect of these so-called IGF-1 supplements. Though I have had a little problem with ticks.

Such deer antler supplements made the news this week when Sports Illustrated reported that, back in October, injured Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis sought help from a company that makes the product. Lewis, since recovered, denies using deer antler spray. But the issue lingers, in the increasingly comic world of pro sports, where any edge counts.

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