No-Calls, Play Calls Leave 49ers Short

No-Calls, Play Calls Leave 49ers Short

The Baltimore Ravens kept the 49ers out of the end zone in the final minutes to hold on for a 34-31 victory to send the 49ers to their first loss in six Super Bowl appearances.

And coach Jim Harbaugh believed the Ravens benefitted from a couple of penalties on the 49ers' final drive that were not called.

"There was no question in my mind there was a pass interference and a hold on (Michael) Crabtree on the last one," Harbaugh said of the 49ers' final sequence of plays after picking up a first-and-goal at the Baltimore 7-yard line with two minutes, 39 seconds remaining.

Running back Frank Gore, who gained 110 yards and a touchdown on 19 rushing attempts, had a 33-yard carry to the 7-yard line. That was the last time Gore would touch the ball.

When Harbaugh was asked why Gore did not get any touches among the final three plays, he answered tersely, "We had other plays called."

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