Ravens Just Keep Beating the Odds

Ravens Just Keep Beating the Odds

There are always Cinderella stories in sports, but the Ravens' improbable journey to the Super Bowl XLVII championship is one of the best stories in recent football history.

A lot of the preseason experts picked the Ravens to win the AFC North, but few chose them to win their second Lombardi Trophy in 13 years. The Ravens had to hang on to win against a stubborn San Francisco team, 34-31, Sunday night before a sellout crowd in the Mercedez-Benz Superdome. What did you expect?

The only thing better might have been quarterback Joe Flacco throwing a 70-yard touchdown pass in the closing seconds of the divisional playoff game against Denver.

"The win was representative and symbolic of our city," Flacco said. "We're a blue-collar city and all our games end up like this. I knew San Francisco was going to come back and I knew we had to keep grinding it out."

"We said, 'Stay buckled up Baltimore' and we did," safety Ed Reed said.

Name a team that has come from as far in one season. The Indianapolis Colts in 2007? The Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009? The New York Giants last year? Not one of them.

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