Who Is Bernie Kosar's Brain Doctor?

AP Photo

    56-year-old Florida Dr. Rick Sponaugle had spent much of this January day with former Cleveland Brown Bernie Kosar, addressing national and local media about his work to reverse the quarterback's brain trauma.

Kosar, a beloved Cleveland sports figure, wants the world to know that the doctor has cured his sleeplessness, headaches and slurred speech -- symptoms that, he said, are a result of repeated hits and concussions sustained during a 12-year NFL career.

    At the news conference, Kosar touted Sponaugle as a "gift from God." And the next day on his Twitter feed, @berniekosarqb, Kosar responded to congratulatory Tweets about his recovery: "the Doc literally heals Brains, it's Amazing."

Since then, Kosar said he has been besieged by calls...

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