Bledsoe a Valuable Trade Chip for Clippers

Bledsoe a Valuable Trade Chip for Clippers

Just over a year ago, the Los Angeles Clippers looked at young point guard Eric Bledsoe and recognized that, despite averaging only 6.7 points per game as a rookie, they had a pretty strong talent on their hands.

When the Hornets and Clippers hooked up to work out the Chris Paul trade in December 2011, New Orleans pushed to get Bledsoe back in the package—and the Clippers refused, holding out strongly enough that the Hornets eventually gave up.

Now, with Bledsoe in his third year and beginning to convert his potential into production—thanks, in part, to injuries to Chauncey Billups and Paul—the Clippers apparently have changed their thinking on Bledsoe, more willing to deal him if it brings back a big man who can help the team win a championship.

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