Never Too Early: Next Season's NFL Top 10

Never Too Early: Next Season's NFL Top 10

The annual seven-month wait for the next NFL season can be brutal for NFL fans to endure. The ecstasy that comes with those five months of action is great, but deep down we all know Super Bowl XLVII was the last game that mattered until early September.

But that just means everyone, minus the ecstatic Baltimore fans, is already looking forward to the 2013 season.

There will be the big names and smaller-but-still-critical signings in free agency, the release of the schedule in April, and Andy Reid's Kansas City Chiefs kicking off the 2013 draft with the No. 1 pick. The summer will bring training camp holdouts, devastating injuries, shady arrests and other off-field drama.

But that stuff is really the "fantasy football" part of the season, where everything is played out on paper and in the pipedreams of fans.

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