Off-Season Is Jerry Jones' Time to Shine

Off-Season Is Jerry Jones' Time to Shine

The 2013 season began shortly after 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh turned off his brain and elected not to run the best running quarterback in the game against a team that could not stop the run.


No one wins an off-season like Dallas Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones.


This is the time of year he shines, when he peddles optimism like a street dealer.


Give it some time and once again we will be buying in, maybe with our guard up, but hoping nonetheless that this time the man will fall into the type of season these here parts have not seen in decades.


You all know by now that 20 years have passed since Jerry GM'd his team to its first Super Bowl title of the '90s. It will be only a couple of more years when it will be 20 years since he GM'd his team to its last Super Bowl.


Since Jerry's last Super Bowl, the NFC has had 12 teams reach the Big Game at the End.


That leaves only the Vikings, Lions, Redskins and Cowboys as the only teams not to reach the Super Bowl since 1996 (cough-cough ... only one of those teams has not made the playoffs in the past two seasons).


Now, however, is not the time to let the facts get in the way of a good sales pitch.



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