Power Fails, as Do Announcers' Intellects

Power Fails, as Do Announcers' Intellects

As embarrassing as it was for the NFL and the city of New Orleans that the power went out for 34 minutes during Super Bowl XLVII, it's not even close to how humiliated CBS should feel.

It's difficult to overstate how much the San Francisco 49ers saved CBS's bacon by constructing such an incredible comeback and putting a positive spin on a massive failure by many, many people, because: That was the worst display of broadcasting I've seen in my entire life. CBS probably would have been better off if it had just kept the screen blank for the whole half hour. We are all stupider for having witnessed it. I spent most of the rest of the third quarter sweeping up all my dead brain cells off the floor.

Obviously, CBS couldn't have anticipated power suddenly going out in the press box, and the mics of Phil Simms and Jim Nantz being shut off -- it's not exactly the type of thing you put together a plan for in prep -- but never has the vapidity of NFL commentators been more painfully in evidence. It is amazing, in the year 2013, that these are the people who are paid to talk live on television. That's their job. Professionally. The blackout, essentially, turned the most watched program in the United States into "Saturday Night Live's" famous "Wake Up and Smile" sketch.

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