Super Bowl Played Out Way Goodell Wanted

Super Bowl Played Out Way Goodell Wanted


Here’s your season-ending NFL Truths column:


The NFL got exactly what it wanted from referee Jerome Boger and the crew that worked the Super Bowl.



Roger Goodell wanted an officiating crew that would get out of the way and let the players be the stars.


For the past 15 years and spurred by the popularity of HD TV, NFL refs have been horning in on the players’ spotlight. The refs like being stars. They like being recognized. Ed Hochuli’s guns have become as well-known as Deion’s high-step.


Goodell wants to end this. He doesn’t want officiating stars. That’s why the NFL worked its system to assign a mediocre, nondescript ref to the Super Bowl. According to Boger’s jealous peers, his season-long grades did not justify his Super Bowl selection. Speculation quickly asserted the NFL manipulated its grading system so that an African-American ref could lead the Super Bowl.


If that were the case, Mike Carey would’ve been the easy choice. He’s worked the Super Bowl before and he’s highly regarded.


Nope. Goodell was after something different. Goodell wanted a ref who would stay out of the way, a crew that wouldn’t take over the game. And that’s what the league got.

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