A Colorful Life Ends in Tragedy

A Colorful Life Ends in Tragedy

verything is perfect in the picture, with Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan holding onto each other, smiling at their future.

Except for one thing.

Lawrence rarely wore white shirts. Or gray. Or beige.

He was generally in living color. Oranges, crimsons, yellows. Brighter the better.

"Neon greens," said Terrence Worthy, his former teammate at Concordia University. "The guys would get on him about it, and he'd just laugh at them. He was always creating his own style."

Lawrence was not as finicky about music.

"He liked everything, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, country, whatever was on," Worthy said.

On Sunday night Lawrence and Quan were found dead, by gunshot, in Lawrence's car, in a garage at their condo complex in Irvine.

Both played at Concordia and got close during one of those summer camps. Quan became an assistant coach for the Cal State Fullerton women's team. Lawrence was a campus policeman at USC and wanted a fulltime law enforcement career.

"He would have been absolutely perfect," Ammann said. "He was so calm in every situation. He didn't argue. He never got rattled or got angry with anyone. You don't ever see that on a college basketball team."

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