Petty Move by 'Old School' Jackson

Petty Move by 'Old School' Jackson

So Mark Jackson was going to prove a point. It was a sad point, the kind of thing you cling to when everything else is already lost, like a farmer refusing to take a subsidy even after all the soybeans have died.

The Golden State Warriors, who Jackson coaches, trailed by 26 points late in the fourth quarter in Houston on Tuesday. The Rockets had made 23 3-pointers, which tied an NBA record and the crowd was chanting "One more 3! One more 3!"

The Rockets were going to try to give them one.

This is when Jackson and the Warriors dug deep and found that pride they hadn't been able to summon for the previous 47 minutes. Draymond Green clotheslined Patrick Beverly as he spotted up in the corner. Green was ejected. Houston's Marcus Morris also was ejected for whatever he did in the little scrum that resulted. Jackson and Rockets coach Kevin McHale had words at midcourt, and then the Warriors started intentionally fouling the Rockets so they couldn't put up another 3.

"I'm an old-school basketball player," said Jackson after the 140-109 loss. "I'm an old-school coach. If you can't appreciate that, that's on you."

So he proved his point, which was something like, "Hey, you might tie an NBA record on me, but I'll be deep in the cold ground before you break an NBA record on me."

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