Scandal Shows Drugs Embedded in MLB

Scandal Shows Drugs Embedded in MLB

The fallout from the new BALCO – the Miami-area Biogenesis clinic – continues to extend and envelope more major league players.

In this case, it's news from Yahoo! Sports that Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun's name is in Biogenesis records. MLB is now investigating links between the former MVP, who previously tested positive for synthetic testosterone in 2011, and the clinic.

This follows a report last week from the Miami New Times linking Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz and Gio Gonzalez to Biogenesis' operator Anthony Bosch, aka the new Victor Conte.

All of a sudden, MLB is back in crisis mode.

If one thing is clear by now, it's that baseball's so-called "Steroid Era" continues on. In fact, it should be obvious that there isn't really an "era" at all. It's just a fact of baseball life over the last half century.

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