Mired in PEDs, Baseball Ignores DUIs

Mired in PEDs, Baseball Ignores DUIs

There has been an official investigation conducted. Congress has stepped in because it felt it was a big enough issue on which to waste money. Legends have been blackballed from the Hall of Fame. Players have been suspended and suspected. And now Ryan Braun is being judged because his name appeared on a piece of paper that once sat in the office of a suspected peddler.

Yes, performance-enhancing drugs still are a problem in Major League Baseball, despite the league’s and government’s efforts to rid the sport of them. Positive tests result in suspensions and loss of pay. There is a lifetime ban if you violate the policy three times, and many in the media are calling for even harsher sentences.

However, baseball has had a much worse problem over the past few years and isn’t doing much, if anything, about it.

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