Stern Targets HGH Testing Next Season

Stern Targets HGH Testing Next Season

For several years, the professional sports world has been torn asunder by accusations and affirmations of the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs. Major League Baseball has been the epicenter of discussion in the United States, with new revelations occurring seemingly every week, but Lance Armstrong and last week's Ray Lewis kerfuffle have brought their own major stories, as well.

For the most part, the NBA has not been involved in the biggest scandals involving PEDs. There have been some comparatively minor stories, including the suspension of Rashard Lewis for 10 games following a positive test in 2009, but nothing that would suggest a widespread problem (or, perhaps more accurately, concern that there's a widespread problem).

Nevertheless, the NBA wants to address any issues that may exist. According to commissioner David Stern, the league hopes to start testing for human growth hormone next season.

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