Team USA Hexed in Hex Opener

Team USA Hexed in Hex Opener

When Jurgen Klinsmann was hired to coach the U.S. men's national team in 2011, the goal was for the German World Cup winner to make history and take the U.S. to new heights at the World Cup.


And while Klinsmann has made some positive history -- the U.S.'s first friendly wins at Italy and at Mexico -- he has also made the kind of history you don't want to be known for, and in important World Cup qualifiers, no less. Last September, the U.S. lost for the first time ever to Jamaica, a defeat that left the Americans scrambling until the last semifinal round game to advance.


In the U.S.' 2-1 Hexagonal-opening defeat to Honduras here Wednesday, Klinsmann made history again, presiding over the U.S.' first loss ever in a World Cup qualifier at Honduras -- and the first time the U.S. had failed to win its opening game in the history of the CONCACAF Hexagonal (which has been in place for four World Cup cycles).

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