Wintry Wish for Sochi: Let It Snow

Wintry Wish for Sochi: Let It Snow

The Winter Olympics is just one year away, opening Feb. 7, 2014, so perhaps there’s still time for the press people to figure out how to deal with journalists, for hotels to provide WiFi and for the organizers to turn rain into snow.

Yes, it rained here this week — hard — and not just on the subtropical coast where enclosed ice rinks are frozen nicely, but up in the mountains 30 miles away. Oh, and the very top peak above the Roza Khutor resort was closed for fear of avalanche. Skiers and snowboarders coming down from lower elevations, at 4,900 and 3,700 feet, wore raincoats over their parkas.

Thirty-two degrees, and pouring. Maybe this is the Olympics where they’ll run the halfpipe holding umbrellas.

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