'1' Truly Is the Loneliest Number

'1' Truly Is the Loneliest Number

Tom Crean just stood there, motionless, one arm resting on the scorer's table, his mouth slightly agape. A bottle of brown energy drink sat by his elbow, teetering on the edge. Meanwhile, scores of manic orange-clad fans rushed past him toward the Assembly Hall Court.

His look spoke volumes: What had just happened? How had it just happened?

Illinois had the ball with .9 seconds under their own basket, the game tied at 72. All the Hoosiers had to do was stay in front of the Illini. All they had to do was guard the basket. Biddy-ball stuff.

Then, almost out of nowhere, Illinois' Tyler Griffey, a Hoosier killer all game, sprung free like Adrian Peterson from a tackle, emerging all alone under the basket

He laid it in. At the buzzer.

llinois 74, IU 72.

Goodbye, No. 1.

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