Celtics Apply Chokehold to Lakers

Celtics Apply Chokehold to Lakers

Doc Rivers has said that as long as the green and purple uniforms remain the same, the connection between the Celtics and Lakers would remain electric, even if the former is scraping the bottom of the playoff seed barrel and the latter is praying for something that good.

Both had played well heading into the Garden last night, and that’s where the connection, for now, ended.

The Celtics have hit an encyclopedia’s worth of highs and lows in this rivalry, and last night channeled energy from an interesting point in history — Game 6 of the 2008 Finals, which they won by 39 points, 131-92.

The Lakers were in a far darker place by the end of the C’s 116-95 win, which included a peak lead of 32 points. Kobe Bryant’s words may have shamed Dwight Howard into playing despite a torn labrum. By the fourth quarter, the melancholy big man had fouled out with nine points and nine rebounds.

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