SEC Lives by the Beauty of Capitalism

SEC Lives by the Beauty of Capitalism

Somebody needs to tell Nick Saban and Hugh Freeze to lose their grins. They’re supposed to be embarrassed over National Signing Day.

The SEC cleaned up, proving once again that you get what you pay for. Nobody spends money on football like the SEC.

Alabama just lavished $9 million on a weight room. It’s for all athletes, but rest assured the monolith wasn’t built to impress cross-country recruits.

“When people come to Alabama, they expect to see the best,” Saban said as the 34,000-square foot structure was taking shape.

Twenty-five cherished people were impressed enough to sign with Alabama on Wednesday. Ho hum. Another year, another No. 1 recruiting class for the Tide.

Some see an embarrassment of riches. Others just see an embarrassment.

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