Don't Blame Crean for Indiana Loss

Don't Blame Crean for Indiana Loss

Bob Knight never got out-coached.


Coached in 1,273 games, lost 371 times, and never, not once, did he get out-coached.


Or so the Hoosier faithful believed, just as they believed he could feed the multitudes with fish and loaves and walk on the White River.


Tom Crean is a very different story.


His Indiana University team has lost three times this season -- three -- and all three times, it was because of, well, let me repeat a typical email that I received after Thursday's stunning, buzzer-beating loss to Illinois.


Clappy the Coach got out-coached again, just like Brad Stevens out-coached him. Didn't call a timeout on the Hoosiers last offensive possession. Didn't use a timeout on the last defensive possession to set up the defense. Went zone against a three-point shooting team and got burned. Great recruiter, but can't coach a lick.


Stop it.


Just ... stop it.

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