Lindsey Vonn Doesn't Scare Easily

AP Photo

For a true sense of what happened to Lindsey Vonn, go to the freeze frame. In real time her crash in the super-G event at the Alpine skiing world championships in Schladming, Austria, was over in a millisecond — it looked like a fireball encased in ice, a blast of snow with a dim figure in the midst of flying white particles doing an unintentional cartwheel. It was followed by a blank pause on that white alp, and then a sound that at first might have been a lonely goatherd’s yodel-ey-ee-hoo, but turned out to be Vonn wailing over the destruction of her right knee.


Now turn to the still photos — and this is where you really begin to understand the jeopardy of Vonn’s skiing style. They show what we couldn’t see clearly on video: the...

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