MLB Should Get on With It and Legalize PEDs

MLB Should Get on With It and Legalize PEDs

With the latest revelations out of south Florida regarding the supplying of performance-enhancing drugs to ballplayers, the media has once again been re-energized to talk about the problem. And speculate about possible solutions.


This is a song we've heard before.


The issue is, each new allegation is handled by the media as if this is brand new, breaking news. The reason is that journalistic integrity dictates that everything is "alleged" until proven, but the use of PEDs is near-impossible to prove absolutely. The fact that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and perhaps Ryan Braun have slipped through the law's grasp goes to show that this discussion has loopholes you can drive through.


We will never have absolute proof unless a player publicly admits to using PEDs. And despite the fact that those who have admitted end up faring pretty well in the court of public opinion, few others are willing to take the chance. Aren't we all sick of the canned statements of contrition?

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