Parity in College Basketball Is Sign of Decline

Parity in College Basketball Is Sign of Decline

When top-ranked Indiana fell to a mediocre Illinois squad Thursday night on a buzzer beater, the buzz across my Twitter feed from college hoops junkies was that we’re in the midst of a spectacular college basketball season.

Five straight weeks, the team ranked No. 1 has been knocked off. Even more fascinating, the nation’s elites have been incredibly vulnerable to the nation’s also-rans — evidenced by lowly TCU’s shocking upset of Big 12 bully Kansas and Arkansas’ hard-to-fathom bludgeoning of No. 2-ranked Florida.


This year, the madness hasn’t waited for March. The hoop heads have taken notice and they’re quite pleased.


“Illinois beats No. 1 Ind. at buzzer. Best college basketball regular season ever? Theoretically, it should produce the most wide-open Tourn ever,” tweeted Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News.


“The college basketball regular season this year has been better than the 2012 college football reg season. So many amazing finishes/upsets.” tweeted Jason McIntyre of


I don’t share their joy or optimism. I see the parity and inconsistency found within the college game as yet another sign of American basketball’s ruination.

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