Paternos Put Penn St. Saga Back in Spotlight

AP Photo

For all of you who long ago accepted as facts that Joe Paterno made bad decisions related to Jerry Sandusky; that the beloved college football icon deserved a measure of blame for his part in a sad, sick, sinister story; that the grandfather of 17 should've done more to stop a monstrous pedophile, prepare to have those facts challenged.


All over again.

Only this time, it won't be loyal fans defending the honor of major college football's (unofficial) all-time-winningest coach, who died last winter at 85.


Well, the voices of those fans surely will be heard in the days and weeks to come. But their beacon — their battering ram — will be JoePa's wife.


Sue Paterno and her family will smash open the doors of a mega-scandal...

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