A Ring Without Rondo? Agent Doesn't Think So

A Ring Without Rondo? Agent Doesn't Think So

Rajon Rondo’s agent says his client isn’t listening to the wayward words of those who believe the Celtics will actually be a better team in the long run without their All-Star point guard. But the representative knows what’s being discussed by some of the team’s followers, and he dismissed such talk decisively yesterday.


“I don’t really have a reaction to that,” said Bill Duffy. “But if those people think they can win a championship without him, I think that’s shortsighted.


“I mean, this is the regular season. This guy’s a playoffs superstar. So I think you can take a lot of what happens in the regular season with a grain of salt.”



The representative then pointed to some of the strange results this season and noted how things will fall into a more expected order by springtime.


“You can look at the Miami Heat and how inconsistent they are, but you know how they’re going to be in the playoffs,” Duffy said.

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