Boras to Open South Florida Training Center

Boras to Open South Florida Training Center

How fed up is Scott Boras, one of baseball’s most powerful agents, with the accessibility of performance-enhancing drugs in South Florida?



So fed up that Boras intends to open a private multi-million dollar sports fitness center for his clients who train in South Florida by next year.


Boras won’t say it explicitly, but his goal is to protect his clients from people like Anthony Bosch and places like the Biogenesis wellness clinic.


Biogenesis, founded by Bosch, allegedly sold PEDs to Alex Rodriguez and a number of major leaguers, according to a report by the Miami New Times last week.


“There has been recently an unusual frequency of Latin players who have been subjected to rogue information and to individuals portraying themselves to be medically trained when they’re not,” Boras said.


“We want to make sure we’re making every effort to advance the credibility and understanding of what major league players must abide by and also to protect them from the influences of many of these supposed medical practitioners who are availing themselves to the players.”


Some may interpret Boras’ actions and comments as too little, too late – Boras has represented several players who are either alleged or confirmed to have used PEDs, including Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez.

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