Irish Outfights Louisville in 5-OT Classic

Irish Outfights Louisville in 5-OT Classic


Who would've thunk this one was going to be historic?


The longest men's basketball game ever at Notre Dame evolved from brutal clankfest to instant classic.


Amazing what five overtimes can do.


They don't make basketball any better than what the 25th-ranked Irish and the 11th-ranked Cardinals put on display in front of a national television audience.


Dere's some fight in dem Irish, after all.


Shooting blanks in a dreadful 11-minute stretch without a basket as the game frittered away, Notre Dame seemed resolved to an outcome of coulda, woulda, shoulda against Louisville Saturday night.


No Jack Cooley — the Irish big man fouled out with 7 minutes to play in regulation. No confidence — literally nothing found the bottom of the net for the longest time.


Yet, a team that lacked the "want to" just a couple weeks ago, realized it wanted this one badly. Very badly. Passion was present.


The Irish finally got it. Running on fumes, the Irish got it.


Mark it down. This was a moment.


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