Level Playing Field With NFL Signing Day

Level Playing Field With NFL Signing Day

Many hands get wrung over college football's national signing day, because odd things happen: one recruit's mama runs off with his letter of intent,* or another recruit announces via a T-shirt that looks to have been airbrushed at the county fair, or any number of young men mangle the school they're about to attend and call it something like "The University of Clemson."



*This story gets weirder by the hour – now the late Johnnie Cochran's law firm is involved. I'll let the great LSUFreek take it from here.


National signing day is bizarre, uncomfortable, and a little creepy. So I think we should double down on this thing.


What we really need is an NFL Signing Day.


Ditch the draft. Let teams recruit players, pick a day for everybody to sign, and settle in for the drama. Which team hat will Jarvis Jones pull out of the bag? Will Star Lotulelei pull up his shirt to reveal a giant Cowboys tattoo? Will there be awkward look-ins to the Te'o house while they wait for the phone to ring? Would you not watch this for hours?


It would be great TV, fantastic Twitter, and not only that: It would be a much more American way.

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