Pebble Beach Is All Fun and Games

Pebble Beach Is All Fun and Games

PEBBLE BEACH -- Bill Murray was breathing. Therefore, he was funny. This time it was on the sixth green at Spyglass Hill on Friday afternoon.

Murray, wearing a mini-umbrella contraption for a hat, stroked his splendid new Beefeater beard as he loudly complimented pro partner D.A. Points for having "beautiful hips."

Minutes later, Murray drained a 15-foot putt and celebrated it with a leg-shaking dance before theatrically puffing out his chest and turning up his shirt collar.

The laughing folks behind the ropes ate it all up, naturally. None seemed aware that barely 50 yards away, on the adjoining No. 1 fairway, the defending U.S. Open champion was ready to address a shot.

Which the defending U.S. Open champion said was cool with him.

"Hey, it's all fun," opined Webb Simpson, who won the event in June at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. "It's hard for me to miss this tournament. It's hard to beat this place. The first year I played here, my partner was Peyton Manning. And this year ... "

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