Rugby Sevens a Remedy for Football Doldrums

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For a certain brand of American sports fan, this has to be the worst weekend in sports. The NFL season is over, the NBA has hit its mid-schedule doldrums, and hockey is being played somewhere, we think.


For those of you who are having trouble adjusting to life without football—clutching the remote in your trembling hands, muttering in broken Phil Simms-ese—I am here to offer something of a reprieve from the misery: the USA Rugby Sevens, which air at 4 p.m. ET on NBC this Saturday and Sunday. I am fairly certain that you have no idea what that means. It's OK, just trust me: this is an intervention.

Wait, what? What is this, it looks But it's not football. WHAT IS IT?


You're fine. We love you. We all love you. It's not...

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