Rules for a Successful Relationship With Oden

Rules for a Successful Relationship With Oden

I saw a television reality dating show recently called "The Millionaire Matchmaker" in which a woman who runs this dating operation is charged with hooking up the ultra-rich with mates. Now, if you're super rich, and also, unable to find love or some reasonable facsimile, you probably are either tragically unlucky or socially inept.

About 90 seconds into the show, you realize nobody with that kind of lettuce is that unlucky.


This brings us to millionaire bachelor free-agent Greg Oden, who apparently is preparing to make his NBA comeback.


Right now, Portland ought to be ticked. Not the basketball team, the city. We got jilted in the 2007 NBA draft. This city was so burned that the draft-day anniversary, June 28, ought to be a city-wide holiday in which we're all allowed to sit around in street clothes and mope. That's what Oden mostly did between the five knee surgeries and 82 games he played as a Trail Blazer. Basically, you have every right to be bitter about Oden, but what I mostly hear and feel from you as a report came out that Cleveland is prepared to sign Oden to a multi-year contract is that you're over the hurt and mostly just hoping things work out OK for the poor guy.


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