Thanks to NCAA, Recruiting Just Got Worse

Thanks to NCAA, Recruiting Just Got Worse

The NCAA remains spineless, fearful that if it raises its voice beyond a whisper to the national football powers, the top programs will secede. They'll form their own super division. The right solution in restoring some control over recruiting practices running amok is right in front of its face. Instead, the NCAA is opting for a strategy that only puts its mission of protecting the "student-athlete" in greater conflict.


This summer, the NCAA will grant head coaches unlimited phone calls and text messages to high school recruits. They can reach them as much as they choose -- even during class. Doesn't the image of a top-rated offensive lineman getting a text from his courters in the middle of English class reek of hypocrisy?


Such policy only makes a ruthlessly incorrigible process worse. The right legislation for the NCAA would be having an early signing period in August for football similar to what it does in basketball. It would greatly benefit those players who've made their decisions the summer before their senior seasons, sparing them constant harassment from competing coaches hoping they can get them to "flip" their commitment.


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