Why We Can't Look Away From Lakers

Why We Can't Look Away From Lakers

With the Los Angeles Lakers now, we’re all rubberneckers at the scene of a grisly, 12-car pileup. We’re repulsed, but we can’t look away.


They deserve for America to look away. Looking at them strictly from the bottom line, temporarily pushing aside the Kobe drama, the Dwight drama, the Kobe-vs.-Dwight drama and all the rest, this is a team that’s still three games under .500 with the All-Star break a week away, with around two months left in the regular season and with two teams ahead of them in the playoff standings.

The Lakers, contrary to all expectations, are not contenders for the NBA championship. Maybe the HMA championship—the Hot Mess Association. In that, they’re the runaway favorites. And they’ll get the nation tuning in, again, on Sunday when they play at the Miami Heat.


As usual, the San Antonio Spurs, with the NBA’s best record, can’t buy a headline or a SportsCenter lead or a trending topic online. Neither can the NBA’s biggest surprise, the Indiana Pacers, or even the Derrick Rose-less contender Chicago Bulls.

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