Hurricanes Can Make a Claim on No. 1

Hurricanes Can Make a Claim on No. 1

Miami, the No. 1 team in college basketball. Hey, why not?

Well, besides the usual reasons, such as: nobody really has a clue to which really is the best team right now, in early February, or which will be the best when they cut down the nets in Atlanta two months from now. Whether it’s Miami or someone else when the next polls come out Monday, the top-ranked team won’t remind anybody of last season’s Kentucky team, or North Carolina in 2009.

None of that matters right now. Who’s better than the U today? Who’s better on the court—and who’s a better story all around? Where do you find the best advertisement for college ball as it exists right now, strengths and weaknesses, beauty and flaws included?

Waxing North Carolina by 26 points on Saturday is a pretty solid argument. Here are two more, though:

1) Jim Larranaga.

2) The new ACC.


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