Kobe Left Feeling Outgunned in Miami

Kobe Left Feeling Outgunned in Miami

The Young, The Middle-Aged and The Old came together Sunday by the bay. ABC cameras should have shot it in the dusty orange tones of the spaghetti westerns made in Italy, where The Old spent part of his youth.

The Old Guy continued his gallant fight to save his family’s season. He shook off The Middle-Aged Dwyane Wade for fadeaway jumpers between passing open gifts to his brothers. He didn’t slow down much with The Young LeBron James on him. But he didn’t slow James much, either. Eventually, the star power firepower dictated the day as it might again dictate the entire NBA season.

So, an hour after being outgunned and defeated, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant leaned in his locker and answered how.

“They’ve got two sensational players,” Bryant said. “D-Wade came in and started cooking. The start of the fourth quarter, he started doing what D-Wade does and made sensational play after sensational play.”

That last phrase pretty much describes the Heat’s 107-97 victory, a tight, beautifully played story starring the NBA’s current kings and the former kings, their royal purple now only fitting as the NBA’s drama kings.



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