Paterno Family Report Doesn't Help Their Cause


Joe Paterno's role in covering up the Jerry Sandusky scandal was unfairly overstated by the Freeh Report and, in fact, Joe Paterno acted in the same proper and righteous manner Joe Paterno lived the rest of Joe Paterno's life, according to Sunday's release of an investigation funded by Joe Paterno's family.

None of that is a surprise. What else was it going to say?

Much like the original July 2012 Penn State-funded Freeh Report, this "Critique of the Freeh Report" is a masterful testament to unnecessary declarative statements, the creation of straw men and everything else one gets when lawyers are hired by wealthy clients to prepare a "thorough" report.

Both reports have flaws. Both are, at times, comically overstated. Both made someone a lot of...

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