Posey Is Center of Giants' Universe

Posey Is Center of Giants' Universe

Buster Posey's value to the Giants is easy to quantify. With him, they're two-time champions. Without him, they're not a playoff team. So the key to 2013 seems clear:

Keep the reigning National League MVP on the field.

While it's overly simplistic to suggest that the Giants will go as far as Posey takes them - or that how Posey goes, so go the Giants - it might not be far from the truth. Nobody else on the roster is more of a precious commodity, as we saw in 2010 and 2012 when he was healthy and in 2011 when he wasn't.

Asked if one guy can be such a difference maker, Giants general manager Brian Sabean said, "What he's done with the pitching staff and what he's done in the middle of the order, yeah, he can pull a lot of weight. Baseball is usually not like that, but he's close. There's no doubt he's our franchise player."


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